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9 responses to “The Wall”

30 01 2008
40tplus (16:37:05) :

I am truly impressed. Great job.

23 02 2008
GoamiDemowene (08:41:24) :


11 04 2009
Jinny (22:29:38) :

Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your

Have a nice day

6 10 2009
Steve Fritsche (12:44:02) :

Hi there Alon,

How are you doing? Long time ago I saw you. Great site

3 04 2011
Luís Trigo (15:47:55) :

Great Blog, great Ace Jewelers site, I just spend more than 2 hours in your Alon / Ace Jewelwers world and I was inspired by your passion by watches, business, ebusiness and so… I’m a watch passionate too, so congratulations for all of this, and let me say that you are really a lucky guy to work in your passion, again congratulations!!!!!!

Greetings from Portugal
Luís Trigo

3 04 2011
admin (17:44:29) :

Thank you so much Luis! Always nice to meet another WatchFreak 🙂

27 01 2014
Dario (15:59:25) :

I must admit that I’m impressed by your animal photos on 500px…


8 04 2015
Wouter Teger (07:28:13) :

A nice website to read, a good guy and a big inspirator for me!:)

8 04 2015
admin (08:41:15) :

Thank you so much Wouter. Much appreciated!

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