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Before I dive in to me offering (free) mentorship to whom ever wishes it, I want to start with a question:

"If you have 100 dollars to give to help others, would you give one hundred persons in need each a single dollar bill or would you give one single person in need the full 100 dollars?"

Please pause here and let it sink in and think about it.
Think about it well.

In the time being I will tell you why I as posing this dilemma. As I have written on the page Ten Percent on this website: it was my parents who taught me from very young onwards to give back (both in monetary value as in time) it was the dilemma posed at the beginning of this page to me at a very young age by a very wise man that I have looked up to.

Back to the question... Did you come to a decision? Are you giving the 100 dollars in one go or are you giving hundred 1 dollar bills away?

I will refrain from what my answer was and what my answer is today. I think a lot about this question even today. If you want to know my views, please reach out to me via the contact page on this site 😉

Thinking about this dilemma and trying to spend at least ten percent of my disposable income and free time to help others and charities, I have been thinking quite some time about allocating a part of 'my 10% charity time' per month to mentor someone one-on-one. Preferable a person from 'the next generation', but I am open to actually anyone. When I say anyone, I mean anyone! I do not care how old you are, where you are from, what gender, what background or educational track-record. For me to consider to mentor someone free of charge, I have only three demands:

  1. Answer the question I posed at the beginning of this page;
  2. Write a motivation letter why it is you want me to mentor you free of charge; and
  3. Sign a contract with me at the end of our first meeting (physical or by Skype Video) in case we decide to start a mentorship program, which states that you will one day 'pay it forward'. I do not want anything in return, I just want a promise that one day you will do exactly the same to someone else.

If you feel like I should become your mentor/coach/advisor (free of charge) please fill out this form here below. I usually aim to answer within five working days:

Don't like to write so much and prefer to send me a photograph, a drawing or video? Awesome, I love creativity. Reach out to me through the zillion social media channels you can find me on 😉

And, in 2020 I was one of the first mentors to join the non-profit organisation "Mentoring Club" where you can also book a session with me or many other amazing mentors:
And, I am very honored that in 2021 I got certified as  a mentor by Mentoring Club.