Founding Member of Leading Jewelers of the Netherlands

28 11 2014

Personally I am a firm believer of partnerships, friendships and therefore synergy. Together with my brother, whom I have the honor with to run our family business, Ace Luxury Group, we decided to join forces with nine other friends and fellow jewelers. The eleven of us decided to start a marketing vehicle and collaborate to promote our amazing profession. Therefore two boutiques of the Ace Luxury Group, Ace & Dik Jewelers (Van Baerlestraat 46, Amsterdam) and Ace & Spyer Jewelers (Koningsplein 1, Amsterdam) are founding members of the Stichting Leading Jewelers of the Netherlands (registered at the Chamber of Commerce under 61672513).

The Leading Jewelers of the Netherlands

This is the official press release:


The best Dutch jewelers unite!

With the foundation of Leading Jewelers of The Netherlands a dream has come true for eleven famous Dutch jewelers. By presenting themselves together, they can highlight the uniqueness of their boutiques. Without exception these are family-owned businesses, usually with a long history as a distinguished jeweler. Intimate knowledge of watches and jewelry goes together with personalized service.

Since the eleven jewelers are spread throughout The Netherlands, for the customer the best of the best is never far away. The Leading Jewelers of The Netherlands form a strong personal service oriented alternative to jewelry store chains and underline the classic qualities of the real jeweler.

The jewelers have 14 boutiques, all with a unique collection of watches and jewelry of the best international brands. The owners are all active in their day-to-day business and together with their skilled employees ensure very personal service. The in-store workshops guarantee high quality customization, repairs and maintenance.

These jewelers participate in the Leading Jewelers of The Netherlands:

Van Hell Juweliers – Amersfoort
Ace & Dik Juweliers – Amsterdam
Ace & Spyer Juweliers – Amsterdam
Van Hell Juweliers – Apeldoorn
Steltman Watches – The Hague
Juwelier van Willegen – The Hague
RenĂ© KahlĂ© Juweliers – Laren (NH)
Willy Vossen Juwelier – Maastricht
Eugene van Baal Juwelier -Nijmegen
Alexander Juwelier Atelier – Oegstgeest
Juwelier van Willegen – Rotterdam.”

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