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Specialization: Retail, eCommerce, mCommerce, Cross-Channel Strategies, Luxury, Management and/or Commercial Real Estate.

Oak Consultancy is a trade name of Alon Ben-Joseph Holding B.V. (incorporated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at the Chamber of Commerce with registration: 34182570).

Together with fellow entrepreneurs and friends I love to rack my brain about business cases and strategies. With an academic economical background, a 18-year long retail experience and passion for technology, I consult: fellow retailers, etailers, luxury brands, investment managers, fund managers and private equity firms.

In case I lack the experience or knowledge, I will introduce an associated consultant that is specialized in your requested field.

Discretion and creating value are two essential success factors for Oak Consultancy. We pride ourselves with a growing list of customers and consultants since 2002.

For retail feeds please check our tweets via: @OakConsultancy.

Oak Consultancy publications:

– 2017 February: Column De Juwelier Magazine – “Het beste merk bent u zelf” [PDF – Dutch].

– 2016 November: Column De Juwelier Magazine – “Onderneemt u duurzaam en verantwoord?” [PDF – Dutch].

– 2016 October: Column De Juwelier Magazine – “Voorraad: een lust of een last?” [PDF – Dutch].

– 2016 August: Column De Juwelier Magazine – “Wat is marketing?” [PDF – Dutch].

– 2016 June: Column De Juwelier Magazine – “De essentie van vakbeurzen” [PDF – Dutch].

– 2016 April: Column De Juwelier Magazine – “Verliefd op Tokyo” [PDF – Dutch].

– 2016 February: Column De Juwelier Magazine – “Op bezoek bij Casio” [PDF – Dutch].

2015 November: Column De Juwelier Magazine – “Retail Safari” [PDF – Dutch].

2015 October: Column De Juwelier Magazine – “Kennis is macht en samenwerken is kracht” [PDF – Dutch].

2015 August: Column De Juwelier Magazine – “Retail draait om drie dingen: beleving, beleving & beleving!” [PDF – Dutch].

– 2015 June: Column De Juwelier Magazine – “Nieuw Quartz Crises op komst in de horloge-industrie” [PDF – Dutch].

– 2015 April: Column De Juwelier Magazine – “Online Marketing” [PDF – Dutch].

2015 February: Column De Juwelier Magazine – “Shopping 2020” [PDF – Dutch].

For a personalized quote, please contact us via:

Telephone: +31202602100
Fascimile: +31205711568
E-mail: info [at] oakconsultancy.com
Internet: OakConsultancy.com



2 responses to “Oak Consultancy”

9 10 2015
Felix Hünteler (18:50:20) :

Hoi Alon, my compliments at your column in “De Juwelier” with your positive words about membership of organizations in commerce and social. I fully underline your view. Thanks, Felix.

12 10 2015
Alon Ben Joseph (16:40:01) :

Hi Felix, thank you very much! The words I wrote down are well deserved!

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