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A letter to the World

An interesting letter to the world:

This Message Comes from:

Please listen to me, I beg you.

This is a Message for Peace.

Spread the Word – Make the World Understand – Advertise the Word – Never Give up the Fight for Peace

The basic IDea – CONCEPT of this Message is:

JeHuDa versus JeHaD

JeHuDa means:
Holy Man – Holy People – Holy Creation – Holy Truth

JeHaD means:
Holy War – Holy Total Destruction – Holy Hatred – Holy Lie

The war in the Middle East is in essence a War between IDeas. It is an ideological, spiritual, conceptual fight where the basic IDeas (concepts – starting points – truths) are diagonally opposed towards each other. For as long as Holy Peoples are fighting Holy Wars there will never be Peace.

Every war is a self-destructive material war which can never be won by either party. It is an everlasting war, a war without end. All destruction and waste of human life is the ultimate sacrilege. All destruction of land, houses, property, material of any kind, even war material, is a waste of divine time and energy.

All destruction is an insult to Creation.

Therefore all fights, all hostilities must stop immediately.

All weapons must be laid down now.

All the people of the world, all the heads of family, all the heads of state, all the caps need to be directed and focused on the one and only Basic IDea:


The war between Israel and the surrounding countries is a war between Holy Peoples. All the People in the whole wide world are Holy. They all have a divine right to live in peace and built from the miseries of the past on a better world for tomorrow, to work on a better future. They all have a divine obligation to live and let live. Nobody can do it alone. Each and everybody needs a partner. Each and everybody needs respect, recognition, support, acknowledgement and a compliment. Every man needs family, a wife, a friend and a friendly neighbour. Every entity, organisation, city, country, state or continent needs partners. Each and Everybody needs friendly supporters, starting with the family, the neighbours, the neighbouring cities, the neighbouring countries, the neighbouring states, the neighbouring continents. Everybody needs Everybody. Nobody can live without it.

All the people in the world are in essence family. There are only brothers and sisters. There is no difference whatsoever between Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindi or Buddhists as there is no difference between the races. Every war is a fight between family.

There is no such thing in CREATION as a HOLY WAR.

There is only HOLY PEOPLE.

The fight for peace is the fight where all people in the world have to understand that they are Holy. The thought of a Holy War has to be abandoned, it has to be erased from between peoples ears, from peoples minds, from their heads and from their thinking.

The IDea, the concept, the thought, even the memory of a Holy War has to be erased from under the Heavens.

The Fight for Holy Peace is the Fight against Holy War.


NO MORE JeHuDa versus JeHaD

NO MORE JeHaD versus JeHuDa


Spread the Word – Make the World Understand – Advertise the Word – Never Give up the Fight for Peace.

This message should be communicated to the World,
to all living creatures in the Whole Wide World,
to all Men, Women and Children of the World,
to the Brotherhood of the United Nations,
to all Kings, Queens and Presidents of the World,
to all the Secretaries of the World,
to the Secretaries of State, Defense and War,
to all Religions, Races, Entities and Organisations of the World,
to all Proletarians, Noble Men and Labourers
to the Royalists, the Communists, the Republicans, the Democrats,
the Liberals and the Conservatives,
and first and foremost to all the Fighters in the World,
all the Armies, the Air Force, the Land Force and the Sea Force
all the generals, the admirals and the soldiers
to the Terrorists and the Freedom Fighters of the World
to each and everybody.

Nobody must be Forgotten.

Send this message to all the newspapers, TV-networks, journals, magazines of the World

Print it on all the Paper and Leaflets of the World
Write it on all the Walls of the World
Print it on the Sun, the Seas and the Sands
Repeat, Write, Broadcast, Tell this Message
Over & Over Again.
Not once, nor twice, but a million times and more.
Over & Over Again.

Till the Message is Understood
and Each and Everybody understands the BASIC IDEA:

No Holy Wars against Holy People.
Holy People together with Holy People

The Message Is: PEACE.

!!!At Last!!

This Message Comes from: MOZES AHARON STASZEWSKI, Amsterdam

Please listen to me, I beg you

PS: Help to make this the BIGGEST-NON-STOP-CHAIN-MESSAGE ever.