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Cool Music Clip: Jean-Paul De Roover

On April 8th, 2009 I posted a cool music clip by Oren Lavie here on my blog. Today I received an email from Canada asking me to check a video clip... Well, if you agree with me that Oren Lavie's video clip is amazing you will love this on:

"Fix" by Jean-Paul De Roover

Jean-Paul De Roover is a solo artist from Thunder Bay, ON, Canada. This is a stop animation music video that his photographer girlfriend Shannon Lepere shot for his song "Fix".  It used over 2,022 still photographs and over 600 bandaids!

You can check Jean-Paul's website via: and his girlfriend Shannon's website via:



Vote for Team B - Zibb Business Challenge

Friday October 3rd, 2008, we had the first get-to-gether of the eight finalist and sponsors of the Zibb Business Challenge. I teamed up with Justus Verkerk of FCCE International.

Today was the dead-line of our first Brain Batlle!

For us to win, I have to complete four Brain Battles with my partner Justus Verker. Please vote for us on the first battle we completed today: > TEAM B.

They want you to register and all participants have a chance to win prizes too. Please vote for us, since 50% of the decision is based on votes of visitors!

For all of you that don't speak Dutch, please follow these instructions:

1. Go to the following link:

2. Click on "STEM OP TEAM B" below my picture.

3. To register, go to the paragraph "AANMELDEN" and fill in:
- Name,
- Password,
- E-mail,
- Tick the box, and
- Choose my name from the drop-down box.


Thank you so much for your support!


Underwear?! Where?

Je m'Appelle Iggy & Je m'Appelle Nikki are the places to be to buy the latest trends in underwear!

The owners: Iggy & Nikki



The stores for Undies Fashionista's, Je m'Appelle Iggy & Je m'Appelle Nikki, opened their unique stores today:

Je m'Appelle Iggy - For Him
Je m'Appelle Nikki - For Her

The Opening of both stores
The Opening of both stores

Rijnstraat 25
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Live Window Presentation
Live Window Presentation

They sell 25 brands at Rijnstraat 25!


Zibb Business Challenge 2008

This year I decided to register for the Zibb Business Challenge 2008 a.k.a. Battle of the Brains.

The concept is that any entrepreneur can register, post his personal Business Challenge and compete with other entrepreneurs. The winner not only has the honour to name himself Zibb Business Challenger 2008, but also receives a prize equaling EUR 55.000,--

As CEO of Ace Jewelers Group I posted our business challenge of transforming our classic retail organization in to a hybrid company where retail and e-tail go hand in hand. This year we started the fourth company of The Ace Jewelers Group, Ace Online B.V., where we will manage all our e-commerce activities. For further details, please see my challenge on the Zibb page:

Ace Online Business Challenge: "Retail & E-tail: Friend or Foes?"

All the contestants where invited for a networking workshop on Thursday September 24, 2008 in Rotterdam. The Friday before I received a phone call that I was selected with 14 other entrepreneurs to come present our challenge for the jury and from this group of 15, the final eight contestant would be selected.

The networking workshop was fun and very interesting. I met very nice people and the jury was very enthousiastic. The day after I received a phone call that I am one of the final eight contestants 😀

Please visit this blog regularly for updates on my (personal) challenge... The next challenge is on Friday October 3rd, 2008 and is titled FUN challenge.