Speaking at YOU Academe as part of the Foundation TRUST in Amsterdam

8 05 2019

One of the founders of Foundation TRUST reached out to me last week to ask if I would be interested to come speak during their YOUacadame Live Q&A Sessions in Amsterdam. I got excited immediately and confirmed to speak on Sunday May 12th at their HQ at Albert Cuypstraat 194 in Amsterdam.

Alon Ben Joseph speaking at YOU Acadame about Trust

As this foundation is all about promoting trust and making the world a better place. Their own description is: “foundation trust – happy for no reason envisions a world where everyone decides to think and act based upon trust. Not to change the world, but to ignite trust. In each other. (Then the world will change.)” Read more about them on their official website.

Part of the foundation is YOU Academe which they discribe as: “At YOU Academe we believe that ‘trust’ is the key to becoming YOU: feel an excitement about life and its adventures; experience true happiness, inner peace, positivity and a deeper authentic connection with yourself and others as a normal state of being. ‘Trust’ is whatever it is to you in any given situation. We help you to discover it and apply it. The process is simple and systematic.” Read more about them on their official website.

We are going to have a freestylye Q&A Session in front of a live crowd and I only had to answer two short questions in preparation for the meeting, which were:

  1. To me trust is…
  2. So when I trust it makes me feel…

Curious what my answer are, attend the event coming Sunday 🙂

Attend this event by registering HERE.
Entrance is free and as they trust their visitors, one can donate an entrance free at the end of the session if they feel like it.

Speaking during Amsterdam School of Economics about entrepreneurship & University of Amsterdam

22 01 2019

The Amsterdam School of Economics (part of the University of Amsterdam) is organizing for the fourth time in a row an alumnus & student event called: ASE NEXT! This year I will have the honor to be the opening act for the keynote speaker: Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra.

Second, alumnus Alon Ben Joseph (MSc Economics 2004) will share his view on the first step on the job market, entrepreneurship and the importance of mentoring.


On the 27th of February 2019, for the 4th successive year the Amsterdam School of Economics (ASE) and the student associations SEFA and VSAE are organising ASE NEXT! An exclusive event for both alumni and students of the economics faculty of the University of Amsterdam. I have walked the halls of this amazing university from 1998 until 2003, when I graduated for my Masters. I have also been a memeber of SEFA since I started studying Economics. SEFA, the study association of Economics and Business (EB) at the University of Amsterdam, is founded in 1922 with the name SEF. In 1995 arose the name SEFA by a merger between SEF and EEFA.

During my lecutre I will share my view on the first step on the job market, entrepreneurship and the importance of mentoring. After my intro the keynote speech will be giving by the Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra. During his lecture, Hoekstra will discuss his current challenges as Minister of Finance, such as investing in education, defence and infrastructure. How does the Ministry of Finance tackle contemporary issues of public financial affairs?
Followed by greatest career wins and mistakes shared by three other inspirational UvA alumni: Sergio Harrevelt (Business Analyst/ Controller at Atos Medical), Roelien Timmer (European Central Bank in Frankfurt), and Dolf Noordman (consultant at IBM).

Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with fellow students and alumni over drinks afterwards.

Program on Wednesday 27 February 2019:

Location: Aula University of Amsterdam, Singel 411, 1012 XM Amsterdam
18:00 – Welcome with drinks and snacks
​18:30 – Inspirational Talk: “The product you” by Alon Ben Joseph
18:45 – Q&A with Alumni
19:10 – Break with drinks
19:30 – Keynote speaker: Dutch Minister of Finance: Wopke Hoekstra
​20:00 – Questions to The Minister20:15 – Drinks & Snacks
​22:00 – End of the event

RSVP: If you want to join, register here. Free of charge for students, alumni and staff of University of Amsterdam.

Speaking at Netcomm Suisse eCommerce Meets Fashion Event 2017

14 02 2017

This year I am speaking at a high-quality event organized by Netcomm Suisse in Swtizerland. On Monday March 13th, 2017 the third edition of the international event “e-Commerce meets Fashion 2017” in the Ticino Fashion Valley of Switzerland will take place. This is the event for players operating in the fashion sector in Europe.

Last year in February I spoke at the Swiss event: “e-Commerce and Digital meet Luxury Watches” organized by the national ecommerce association Netcomm Suisse. This was not just a lot of fun, but very professional and meaningful. It was meaningful in several facets: very high quality of subjects discussed, exclusive guests and relevant  to the topics and superb location & organizxation/execution.

Although this is thrid edition of the eCommerce Meets Fashion event organised by the Swiss eCommerce Association, this is the first time attending. And, I am honored to have been asked to speak during this event as well. I will speak about omni-channel retail in the luxury industry.

Alon Ben Joseph speaking at Netcomm Suisse eCommerce Meets Fashion 2017

During this event I will have the honor to share other professionals operating in both the luxury industry and tech world. Executives working at leading companies like: La Perla, Brunello Cuinelli, Merck, Bally, and many more. I am really excited and hope to meet you in person as one of the 650 visitors in Lugano, Switzerland.

Pre-order your tickets via worht CHF 1.100 via the official website: Netcomm Suisse Site.

Speaking at NetComm Suisse event

29 01 2016

A week after I spoke at the Webwinkel Vakdagen 2016 event in Utrecht, the Netherlands, I have been invited by NetComm Suisse, the Swiss counterpart of the Thuiswinkel Organisatie to speak during their event: e-Commerce and Digital meet Luxury Watches on Thursday February 2th, 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Alon Ben Josep speaking at Netcomme Suisse event in Geneva

NetComm Suisse enables their members to build a strong community of e-Commerce operators. Through networking events, training, institutional relations and research into the digital market, the organization enables greater consumer confidence in e-Commerce and greater success for operators in the industry. They also engage proactively with the media and international institutions, providing information, concrete data and a voice for the wider industry, seeking above all to help build a more engaged and successful future for the Swiss eCommerce sector.

On February 25th, 2016 NetComm Suisse in collaboration with Fongit will host the “e-Commerce and Digital meet Luxury Watches” event. The event will look at the latest trends in digital and e-Commerce for luxury jewellery and watches industry. In this domain our speakers will share knowledge on:

  • Digital innovation, smartwatches, wearable jewellery devices
  • e-Commerce for the luxury industry
  • Online counterfeiting and digital reputation
  • Digital influence in purchase decisions
  • Start-ups to help solving industry problems

An increasing number of consumers is turning to the internet to get their purchase decision. In addition to that, upwards of 70% of people in Europe have shopped online, amounting to some 247 million consumers, with commerce between countries continuing to grow. As regards the luxury sector, e-Commerce represents an excellent opportunity for the industry, including the smartwatch sector, to open itself up to a global market filled with internet- savvy consumers, add this to Switzerland’s long history of watchmaking, perfectly blending a spirit of artisanship plus innovation, and the opportunities in this particular brand of digital innovation are clear to see.

As you might know I love to speak about my passions: fine watches, diamond jewelry and eCommerce. I am humbled that Netcomme Suisse has heard about me and booked me to speak during this event in Geneva next month. Together with managers from the Swiss luxury industry, companies like: Audemars Piguet, Baume & Mercier, Richemont, I will speak about my experiences in this industry we have built up with Ace Jewelers. I am also very curious to hear what experts from Facebook, eBooster and Deloitte, attending as speakers during this event have to share.

On that day I will travel from Amsterdam to Geneva and at 16.55 hours I will have the honor to speak about the topic: “Digital influence in offline purchase decisions.”

To attend this event, please register via this direct link: Eventbrite.


Webwinkel Vakdagen 2016

3 01 2016

As you might know I love to speak about my passions. As CEO of Ace Jewelers Group of Amsterdam,www.AceJewelers.com I have been invited to speak during the Webwinkel Vakdagen 2016 (#WWV16). I will speak about Customer Experience in the luxury industry on Wednesday January 20th, 2016 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Alon Ben Joseph speaking at Webwinkel Vakdagen 2016

The Webwinkel Vakdagen, also know as WWV, is the leading event in the Dutch Internet industry and this is the 10th anniversary edition. In 2006 it was the first time I have attended and it is amazing to see how the fair has grown to an industry meet-up you can not miss! The title of my presentation is: Luxury Customer Experience, online and offline. I will elaborate on critical success factors of Ace Jewelers in creating the ultimate customer experience in the luxury industry we operate in.

Hope to see you at my lecture at noon on the 20th of this month.

For an overview of all my speaking engagements, please visit this page.