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Speaking Engagements in 2022

If you are reading this, I want to sincerely thank you for visiting my personal website and read my blogposts. Unfortunately, I have neglected the blog section of my website. Like many others, I substituted posting here by posting on my social media channels. The last year I have enjoyed LinkedIn the most and have been posting there almost daily. Including my book reviews. In case you like that kind of content from me, please connect with me on LinkedIn:

But I do not want to give up on my personal website and blog. In all my independent consultancy work that I do for other brands and companies I keep on emphasizing that it is so important the be digitally independent. Do not rely on any third-party platform. Remember that they own your content and ‘customers’. Your friends and followers on the social media networks are friends and followers on lease. They are not yours; they are the network’s connections. Therefore, I have decided to publish this post today:

Usually, I post here about my activities and things that interest me. We are finally leaving COVID-19 behind us and we are going back to the old normal from the new normal. This means physical trade fairs, summits, conferences, guest lectures, fora, and events. YEAH! So, I have been booked for three fun occasions in 2022:

May 2022: Guest Lecturer at EBS / CREA in Geneva, Switzerland. For the third time I have been invited by leading Swiss business school EBS to teach a course as a guest lecturer to their Masters students of the International Luxury Management course. I love working with students as it is so gratifying to share knowledge, but equally fun to learn from the young critical thinkers. For more info, visit the EBS website.

June 2022: Public speaking engagement at eCommerce Trade Fair. For the 4th time I have been invited to speak during the Webwinkel Vakdagen, the leading Dutch trade fair for the eCommerce industry. I have attended the first edition of this fair fifteen years ago and have visited every year. It’s amazing to see how it grew from one little room into a massive fair. I am very humbled to be invited every time to speak at this event and get a lot of energy from the room and the visitors. I love the interaction during the lecture with the room, but also afterwards during the one-on-one when visitors come up to me to ask specific questions and advice. For more info about my presentation, please visit my page on their official website HERE.

September 2022: Public speaking engagement at "What's going on in [R]etailing?! 2022" in Maarssen, the Netherlands. The title of my presentation is: “Hoe een klassieke juwelier de (r)etail ervaring online net zo persoonlijk maakt als in de winkel sinds 2007” which translates into: "How a traditional jeweller made it's online retail experience as person as they do in-store since 2007"). You can read more about my presentation on the page dedicated to my presentation on the official site HERE.

Hope to see you at one of these events. Please touch base with me beforehand and/or during the event. I love meeting new people, sharing knowledge and learn new things.

In case you want to book me as lecturer, guest lecturer, moderator, consultant, storyteller, coach, mentor and/or inspirator, please reach out to me directly or via Online Energizers:

Oak Consultancy
Telephone: +31202602100
E-mail: info [at]


Online Energizers
Website: Booking Page
Telephone: +316421 44922

Want to know what my track record is of speaking engagements, please visit the dedicated page on this website: SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS.

Have an awesome day.

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Moderator at Emerce Retail Congres 2020 of Connect Session Personalisatie in 2020

Emerce is a multichannel platform about online business and marketing. Emerce offers decision makers in the eBusiness industry knowledge and inspiration. They have a 360 strategy and publish a physical magazine, a thriving website and organize dozen events per year. Exactly nine years ago I took the stage at their Emerce Eretail Summit in Bussum (March 2011).

Emerce Retail 2020 Congres 12 March 2020 InnStyle Maarssen
Photo: Emerce

This year they invited me back to moderate a break-out session during their 2020 congress: Emerce Retail on March 12, 2020 in Maarssen. Together with a group of C-level managers and entrepreneurs we are going to have an open discussion about the personalisation in 2020. So, what does it take to take retail to the next level in the second decade of of the third millennium.

Want to join? Order your tickets here for just EUR 495 per person.

Speaking at NetComm Suisse eLuxury Summit 2019 in Geneva

The Swiss authority on eCommerce, Netcomm Suisse, is organizing the eLuxury Summit 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. This is the third time they have invited me to come speak at the reputable events. On Tuesday September 17th, 2019 the will take place at the Ritz-Carlton in Geneva. This is the event for players operating in the luxury industry in Europe.

In February 2016 I spoke at the Swiss event: "e-Commerce and Digital meet Luxury Watches" organized by the national eCommerce association Netcomm Suisse. And, in March 2017 I was invited to speak at the international event “e-Commerce meets Fashion 2017” in the Ticino Fashion Valley of Switzerland.

Alon Ben Joseph speaking at eLuxury Summit 2019 in Geneva

Although this is third time attending a Netcomm Suisse event, they are diverse every time. And, again I am very honored to have been asked to speak during this event as well. I will speak about our experiences in omni-channel retail in the luxury industry at Ace Jewelers.

During this event I will have the honor to share other professionals operating in both the luxury industry and tech world. Executives working at leading companies like: Breitling, Baume & Merier, Brunello Cucinelli, Missoni, Manufacture Royale SA, and many more. I am really excited and hope to meet you in person as one of the 250 visitors in Geneva, Switzerland.

Alon Ben Joseph speaking at eLuxury Summit 2019 in Geneva

Pre-order your tickets worth CHF 3.500 via the official website: Netcomm Suisse Site.

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Speaking at YOU Academe as part of the Foundation TRUST in Amsterdam

One of the founders of Foundation TRUST reached out to me last week to ask if I would be interested to come speak during their YOUacadame Live Q&A Sessions in Amsterdam. I got excited immediately and confirmed to speak on Sunday May 12th at their HQ at Albert Cuypstraat 194 in Amsterdam.

Alon Ben Joseph speaking at YOU Acadame about Trust

As this foundation is all about promoting trust and making the world a better place. Their own description is: "foundation trust - happy for no reason envisions a world where everyone decides to think and act based upon trust. Not to change the world, but to ignite trust. In each other. (Then the world will change.)" Read more about them on their official website.

Part of the foundation is YOU Academe which they discribe as: "At YOU Academe we believe that ‘trust’ is the key to becoming YOU: feel an excitement about life and its adventures; experience true happiness, inner peace, positivity and a deeper authentic connection with yourself and others as a normal state of being. ‘Trust’ is whatever it is to you in any given situation. We help you to discover it and apply it. The process is simple and systematic." Read more about them on their official website.

We are going to have a freestylye Q&A Session in front of a live crowd and I only had to answer two short questions in preparation for the meeting, which were:

  1. To me trust is...
  2. So when I trust it makes me feel...

Curious what my answer are, attend the event coming Sunday 🙂

Attend this event by registering HERE.
Entrance is free and as they trust their visitors, one can donate an entrance free at the end of the session if they feel like it.

Speaking during Amsterdam School of Economics about entrepreneurship & University of Amsterdam

The Amsterdam School of Economics (part of the University of Amsterdam) is organizing for the fourth time in a row an alumnus & student event called: ASE NEXT! This year I will have the honor to be the opening act for the keynote speaker: Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra.

Second, alumnus Alon Ben Joseph (MSc Economics 2004) will share his view on the first step on the job market, entrepreneurship and the importance of mentoring.


On the 27th of February 2019, for the 4th successive year the Amsterdam School of Economics (ASE) and the student associations SEFA and VSAE are organising ASE NEXT! An exclusive event for both alumni and students of the economics faculty of the University of Amsterdam. I have walked the halls of this amazing university from 1998 until 2003, when I graduated for my Masters. I have also been a memeber of SEFA since I started studying Economics. SEFA, the study association of Economics and Business (EB) at the University of Amsterdam, is founded in 1922 with the name SEF. In 1995 arose the name SEFA by a merger between SEF and EEFA.

During my lecutre I will share my view on the first step on the job market, entrepreneurship and the importance of mentoring. After my intro the keynote speech will be giving by the Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra. During his lecture, Hoekstra will discuss his current challenges as Minister of Finance, such as investing in education, defence and infrastructure. How does the Ministry of Finance tackle contemporary issues of public financial affairs?
Followed by greatest career wins and mistakes shared by three other inspirational UvA alumni: Sergio Harrevelt (Business Analyst/ Controller at Atos Medical), Roelien Timmer (European Central Bank in Frankfurt), and Dolf Noordman (consultant at IBM).

Finally, you'll have the opportunity to meet with fellow students and alumni over drinks afterwards.

Program on Wednesday 27 February 2019:

Location: Aula University of Amsterdam, Singel 411, 1012 XM Amsterdam
18:00 – Welcome with drinks and snacks
​18:30 – Inspirational Talk: “The product you” by Alon Ben Joseph
18:45 – Q&A with Alumni
19:10 – Break with drinks
19:30 - Keynote speaker: Dutch Minister of Finance: Wopke Hoekstra
​20:00 - Questions to The Minister20:15 – Drinks & Snacks
​22:00 – End of the event

RSVP: If you want to join, register here. Free of charge for students, alumni and staff of University of Amsterdam.