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Speaking at YOU Academe as part of the Foundation TRUST in Amsterdam

One of the founders of Foundation TRUST reached out to me last week to ask if I would be interested to come speak during their YOUacadame Live Q&A Sessions in Amsterdam. I got excited immediately and confirmed to speak on Sunday May 12th at their HQ at Albert Cuypstraat 194 in Amsterdam.

Alon Ben Joseph speaking at YOU Acadame about Trust

As this foundation is all about promoting trust and making the world a better place. Their own description is: "foundation trust - happy for no reason envisions a world where everyone decides to think and act based upon trust. Not to change the world, but to ignite trust. In each other. (Then the world will change.)" Read more about them on their official website.

Part of the foundation is YOU Academe which they discribe as: "At YOU Academe we believe that ‘trust’ is the key to becoming YOU: feel an excitement about life and its adventures; experience true happiness, inner peace, positivity and a deeper authentic connection with yourself and others as a normal state of being. ‘Trust’ is whatever it is to you in any given situation. We help you to discover it and apply it. The process is simple and systematic." Read more about them on their official website.

We are going to have a freestylye Q&A Session in front of a live crowd and I only had to answer two short questions in preparation for the meeting, which were:

  1. To me trust is...
  2. So when I trust it makes me feel...

Curious what my answer are, attend the event coming Sunday 🙂

Attend this event by registering HERE.
Entrance is free and as they trust their visitors, one can donate an entrance free at the end of the session if they feel like it.