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Speaking at NetComm Suisse eLuxury Summit 2019 in Geneva

The Swiss authority on eCommerce, Netcomm Suisse, is organizing the eLuxury Summit 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. This is the third time they have invited me to come speak at the reputable events. On Tuesday September 17th, 2019 the will take place at the Ritz-Carlton in Geneva. This is the event for players operating in the luxury industry in Europe.

In February 2016 I spoke at the Swiss event: "e-Commerce and Digital meet Luxury Watches" organized by the national eCommerce association Netcomm Suisse. And, in March 2017 I was invited to speak at the international event “e-Commerce meets Fashion 2017” in the Ticino Fashion Valley of Switzerland.

Alon Ben Joseph speaking at eLuxury Summit 2019 in Geneva

Although this is third time attending a Netcomm Suisse event, they are diverse every time. And, again I am very honored to have been asked to speak during this event as well. I will speak about our experiences in omni-channel retail in the luxury industry at Ace Jewelers.

During this event I will have the honor to share other professionals operating in both the luxury industry and tech world. Executives working at leading companies like: Breitling, Baume & Merier, Brunello Cucinelli, Missoni, Manufacture Royale SA, and many more. I am really excited and hope to meet you in person as one of the 250 visitors in Geneva, Switzerland.

Alon Ben Joseph speaking at eLuxury Summit 2019 in Geneva

Pre-order your tickets worth CHF 3.500 via the official website: Netcomm Suisse Site.

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