Nominated for Entrepreneurs Award by City of Amsterdam

I am proud to announce that the City of Amsterdam, nominated our company, Ace Jewelers Group, as one of the 15 nominees to win the Entrepreneurs Award 2013!

Announcement Nominees Ondernemersprijs 2013 City of Amsterdam

The City of Amsterdam nominated 15 entrepreneurs from 69 candidates for the Ondernemersprijs 2013.
First in the list: Alon Ben Joseph of Ace Jewelers Group 🙂
This is the sixth time the City of Amsterdam organizes this Award and last year ID&T won the prize.
Our company will be audited next week and we hope we will make it to the last three. The Award will be announced on November 27th, 2013.

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  1. Update 29-11-2013:

    Thank you for all the support.

    On Wednesday 27 November 2013 our neighbors Skins won the Ondernemersprijs 2013. But am proud to announce that we got voted place number 4 by the jury in this prestigious competition.

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