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Social Media Holiday

My Social Media Holiday has started today and will last until February 14th, 2018. Although I am not on an actual holiday and traveling, I decided to take a week plus off from posting and interacting on all the social media channels I am active on.

Social Media Holiday for Alon Ben Joseph until 14 February 2018

I am a huge of technology, the Internet and social media too. I think that they empower people and can do a lot of good. This social media holiday is a little social experience for me. I want to see what it does to me, to my surroundings and to my social media accounts. The longest I have been offline is almost two weeks for our honeymoon in Africa (back in 2009) and annually I am offline on holidays (literal meaning of the word, the holy days).

So, I am curious to see if I actually miss using my social media accounts. I want to test if I really (still) love it or will this social media holiday make me realize that it is a force of habit and I gain no pleasure and fun out of posting on social networks.

Secondly, I am very curious what reactions it will spark from my surrounding, my friends, my family, my colleagues and other people I am connected to on these actual networks. Will they find it odd that I am doing this? Will it inspire more people to do it? Will they miss my presence on these networks? And, most importantly, will it generate more face time with my friends? Or, interaction in less digital ways and more 'old school' ways: actually meet more, talk more and write (read: WhatsApp) less?

Last, but certainly not least, will it effect the actual social media accounts. I mean by this: does your account loose its relevance when it is not 'fed'. I see the internet and social media a living organisms and I have to be very honest here, I use it 80% (or even more) to promote my businesses. So, will it have an impact on the traffic to my businesses? Will my accounts loose followers?

So, basically, it's a social science project 😉

I will try to post my findings some weeks later after this project ends. Please share if you have also done social media holidays like these and what your experiences were.