Apple Rules: MacFan Shout out

I have been hesitating to buy a mac for years, but when they launched the new generation with Intel processors, I bought a MacBook Pro in 2006 and fell head over heals in love with it.

Friday, I visited the Mac Store to see the new AirBook and it is AMAZING! Since we do not have a Dutch mobile phone operator that supports the iPhone yet, I still didn't get one, but as soon as that happens I will hope to use one next to my CrackBerry.

My visit to the Mac store not only got me excited as a consumer, but also as a retailer. It is amazing how they interact with consumers. It made me realize that there are many similarities between Ace Jewelers and Apple stores, it even inspired me to write an article about it on the Ace Blog:

Once in a while I will share the CoolLinks and gadgets I find for your mac, lets start with a cool tool that is shown in a YouTube movie:


Whenever I get a strange mac in my hands I have to see what cool widgets and tools the user has installed. Hereby a list of 10 downloads that are free:

1. Caffeine = coffee for your screen, it prevents that your screen falls asleep. 

2. Paparazzi = make screendumps of a complete webpage.3. Quicksilver = a program that can replace your complete dock and improves your efficiency.

4. Sim Daltonism = a tool that simulated different forms of color blindness.

5. Cyberduck = an easy FTP program. And it supports Growl (if you are wondering what that is, see bullet 6 😉 ).

6. Growl  = a notification program.

7. OnyX = one of the most reliable system maintenance program. Also available for Leopard.
8. SuperEmptyTrash = Does this need any explanation? Gone = Gone, when you delete!

9. Taco HTML Edit = HTML and php editing tool; pure code! Easy to use when you are used to Dreamweaver.

10. Tomato = Good Torrent-client.

Enjoy! Please share cool links here 😀


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