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World's smallest, lightest phone?

Did the start-up Modu create the World's smallest, lightest phone?


An Israeli developed modular mobile phone has been introduced today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, with manufacturer modu claiming to have the world's smallest and lightest mobile phone, weighing in at a featherweight 1.5 ounces.

modu's unique selling point is that the phone can be upgraded in a modular fashion, with users being able to add on 'jackets' such as a camera, GPS or a larger screen.

Plug in to car stereos and other devices The 2.5G GSM phone can also be plugged into other devices such as Blaupunkt car stereos or Dect internet and home phones.

modu was set up in 2007 by leading technology innovator and entrepreneur Dov Moran, the inventor of the USB Flash Drive.

"It's a unique concept not seen in the market or in major brands today," said Modu's Itay Sherman.

Mr Sherman added: "When you want to change your phone it can be expensive, because a phone is a complex device. But if you just want to change the look, the design or a feature like a camera then Modu is much simpler."

A disruptive concept SanDisk CEO, Eli Harari, said: "modu is a disruptive concept in the well established mobile market. The modu proposition is unique and compelling to consumers, mobile network operators and consumer electronics companies alike."

(Article written by Adam Hartley)

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