What? Streetverting?

Yes, another new buzz word, made up by two words: Street + Advertising… Yes, you guessed correctly: a new (guerrilla) marketing tactic to advertise on the street.

One of the marketing companies that helps me with the marketing strategy (offline & online) are Interactive Maven & Cool Media Collective. The CEO of both companies, Benjamin van Gelder, told me about eco-friendly (street) graffiti. He even took me from my office on the Van Baerlestraat 46 in Amsterdam around the corner to the PC Hooftstraat to see Streetvertising graffiti on the pavement:

Streetvertising by PA@Home in Amsterdam

Streetvertising by PA@Home in AmsterdamApparently the company PA@Home choose this low-budget, but high-impact guerrilla strategy to get their name out with the target group (high-net worth individuals that shop at the most luxurious street in The Netherlands. The advantage of eco-friendly graffiti streetvertising is that is doesn’t need to cost too much and catches ones eye. The down-side of it is, that it will fade away within couple of weeks and I can imagine many high-end brands will not want people to see a vague logo where people actually step on…

For possibilities to start such a campaign you can contact Cool Media Collective via: +31 20 5759109.


4 thoughts on “StreetVertising”

  1. In my opinion it’s not much better than graffiti.

    One streetvertisement is probably nice to see (because it’s something new as well), however if streetvertisements are spread all over the street – some of them half faded away – I think they loose there attraction and are just the same nuisance as graffiti.

  2. @Gerard: Thanks for your feedback. I agree with you and don’t think high-end brands should resort to this style of streetvertising, but for a small company with small marketing budgets, this is indeed innovative and has high impact for a small budget 🙂

  3. @David: How are you buddy? Thanks for sharing. You are so right, Donald Trump Style: Any news, is good news…

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