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What? Streetverting?

Yes, another new buzz word, made up by two words: Street + Advertising... Yes, you guessed correctly: a new (guerrilla) marketing tactic to advertise on the street.

One of the marketing companies that helps me with the marketing strategy (offline & online) are Interactive Maven & Cool Media Collective. The CEO of both companies, Benjamin van Gelder, told me about eco-friendly (street) graffiti. He even took me from my office on the Van Baerlestraat 46 in Amsterdam around the corner to the PC Hooftstraat to see Streetvertising graffiti on the pavement:

Streetvertising by PA@Home in Amsterdam

Streetvertising by PA@Home in AmsterdamApparently the company PA@Home choose this low-budget, but high-impact guerrilla strategy to get their name out with the target group (high-net worth individuals that shop at the most luxurious street in The Netherlands. The advantage of eco-friendly graffiti streetvertising is that is doesn't need to cost too much and catches ones eye. The down-side of it is, that it will fade away within couple of weeks and I can imagine many high-end brands will not want people to see a vague logo where people actually step on...

For possibilities to start such a campaign you can contact Cool Media Collective via: +31 20 5759109.


Help Cor find a job...


Cor walking the Amsterdam streets
Cor walking the Amsterdam streets

You might be thinking who Cor might be... Well, 10 minutes ago I met Cor Ligthert in front of my office! I stepped out of my office and it was the first time in my life I saw a person walking the Amsterdam streets with a paper boards on his body, while reading a book!

I was positively surprised that I stopped to ask Cor what kind of work his was looking for. His answer was anything... So, I asked him what his passion in life is... It took him a while, but after asking a bit deeper he said: politics and social economics... It did not surprise me since he was reading the book: Darwin for Left Wing Politicians 😉

So, all the politicians (especially PVDA) and social economists out there, dowload Cor's CV here: or send him an e-mail immediately via:

I salute Cor for being so brave and innovative to market himself like this! Spread the word 🙂

How can you not hire Cor?!
How can you not hire Cor?!

Good luck Cor!


My first blog post on E.Factor

Last month I have been invited to come and blog on the entrepreneurs network E.Factor about luxury goods. Last year I already entered the team of E.Factor coaches and now I have been invited to blog on the subject I love.

Click here to read the article plus comments or read the first post here below:

"I've been a member of E.Factor since the beginning and I was very proud to become a coach on this excellent network website. Last week the E.Factor team asked me to start blogging about luxury... Apparently I have an (interesting) opinion about it 😉
Well, that is up for you to decide...

I will try to blog here at least once a month, my aim is to blog weekly about luxury. I am very excited to get started and am curious what your feedback will be... For now I will start with a classic Q&A.

My Q&A with E.Factor:

Name: Alon Ben Joseph
Year: 1979
Country: The Netherlands
City: Amsterdam

Q: What is entrepreneurship for you?
A: Fun, adventure, top sport and way of living.

Q: What was your dream job when you were a kid?
A: To become a jeweler 🙂

Q: Why and how did you start your company?
A: I rolled into the family business. But during my college years, I also co-founded an internet company.

Q: Is this your first business?
A: No, one of several.

Q: If you were to start another business, what might it be?
A: Consultancy.

Q: What were some of the early companies you worked with?
A: Too many to mention.

Q: What is your definition of success and have you achieved it?
A: A quote by Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) comes to mind: “The greater danger of most of us lies not in setting our aim to high and falling short, but in setting too low and achieving our mark.” Success is relative…

Q: Who has influenced you the most and has been your greatest inspiration?
A: Very cliché: my parents.

Q: What advice would you give to people who are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur?
A: The grass is always greener on the other side. Yes, it gives you a lot of freedom, but also a total new set of ‘stress’. At the end the sum should be a plus for you! But, as Nike said it: “Just do it!”

Q: Describe/outline to us what your typical day looks like?
A: A lot of fun, A lot of phone calls, Really a lot of e-mails and creating added value every day!

Q: Do you achieve balance in your life?
A: Never, but it is oooh sooo much fun to find your own limits and push them further.

Q: Where you see yourself and your business in 3 years?
A: Number 1 eCommerce player in the jewelry & watch business.

Q: And as a final question: If we could introduce you to anyone, who would it be and why? (you never know who we know!)
A: Good one! This is a true entrepreneurs question (ask and share)! Love it! I would love to meet Lev Leviev. He is a self-made man that turned the complete diamond industry around. Living legend.

I really liked the last question, to get the discussion going, I want to ask you the same question 🙂

"If we could introduce you to anyone, who would it be and why?"