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Cool Ads

As I have written before, I love cool ads, hereby I want to share some with you:


Quit Smoking


Dogs Love Buses

CoolAds 2

Say Cheese!

CoolAds 3

No Smint, No Kiss!

CoolAds 4

Jaws travels by bus

CoolAds 5


CoolAds 6

Buses love DJ

CoolAds 7


CoolAds 11

2. CoolBags

CoolAds 8


CoolAds 9

I've got a headache!


Don't mess with me!

CoolAds 12

Kiddie Bag

CoolAds 13

3. HotCups
Lips at work

CoolAds 14

Starbucks Teeth

CoolAds 15


Tipping Points in Commercials

I love cool adverts, especially commercials made on film. I will never forget when BMW launched the BMW Movies website in 2001 and had independent (famous) movie directors create short movies where a BMW car is the main character. Unfortunately, the website is off line, but you can find may of them on YouTube, one of my favorites is "Star" directed by Guy Ritchie, and starring a BMW M5, Madonna (Yes, Guy Ritchie's wife) and Clive Owen:


But also make sure to check out: "The Devil", featuring James Brown and Clive Owen, made in 2002 and "The Hostage" directed by John Woo (also made Hollywood blockbuster "Face/Off").

A book that made an impression on me is "The Tipping Point" by Malcom Gladwell and I believe that the directors of the folling amazing commercials also read this book:

New Ford Focus - "Beautifully Arranged"


New Honda Accord - "The Cog"


Guiness Beer - "Tipping Point"1600


What is your favorite commercial displayed here? Mine "The Cog", but I find the Ford advertisement very elegant and fun. Last, but not least, the Guiness advertisement is also very breath taking! If you have any favorites, please do share 😀