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Cannabis vending machines rolled out in LA

Amsterdam (The Netherlands) is considered to be the drugs capital of the world, but we don't have the vending machines they have for cannabis in Los Angeles (USA):

The world's first cannabis vending machines have been launched in Los Angeles.But not everyone will be able to get there hands on the drug, as it will only be dispensed to people who have a legal medical prescription for it.A choice of six different types of cannabis are available from the handy machines, which are protected by security guards 24-hours a day.

And Vince Mehdizadeh, the owner of the Herbal Nutrition Center, is hoping the move will promote more accountability in the medicinal use of the drug - which is legal in 11 states in the US.

Mr Mehdizadeh said: "It's looking to be regulated, why not have it regulated in this way, with actual transactions, after transactions, being documented, so that state taxes can be paid, fed taxes can be paid and everything is lucid and clear and out in the open for all to see."

Before being allowed to use the machines, patients are photographed, fingerprinted and entered into a database that helps keep track of their usage.

They will then be issued with a prepaid security card, that along with their fingerprint ID, will allow them access to the drug at any time of the day.

California voters backed an initiative in 1996 allowing the smoking of marijuana for medical purposes - a use barred by federal law.

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What is your opinion on drugs? Do you agree on the difference between soft and hard drugs? Should soft drugs be legalized?

In Holland we have a very weird legislation on drug: hard drugs is illegal and soft drugs is legal to use, but illegal to trade/sell... Yes, I know so if it is illegal to sell soft drugs, how can you buy it and use it in a legal way. But studies in Holland have shown that when soft drugs is legalized the usage goes down... Yes, you have read it correctly, when things are illegal, people will want it more!

What they are doing in the US is also intersting... Soft drugs as a medicine... What do you think?