Diesel is back with a vengeance – Jogg Jeans campaign rocks

20 04 2014

When you think Diesel, you think… Wrong, we are not talking about the fuel for your car 😉

Yes, I am talking about the denim brand with an edge!

Diesel Jogg Jeans

Maybe the most famous TV commercial for a jeans is the 1986 Levi’s 501 commercial where a guy takes a bath with his red tab jean on.

But, who can forget the “For Successful Living” campaigns in the 1990s by Diesel!?

It seems that Diesel might have lost it’s touch in the 2000s, but they are back with a vengeance in the 2010s! Diesel is totally cutting edge! Why?

Because they introduced “The Diesel Jogg Jeans” and launched like it the ‘right’ way:

1. They are (again) innovating – The Jogg Jeans is a cross-over between a denim jeans pants and a sweat pants. Fusing two trends into one.
2. They are creating synergy – Diesel teamed up with i-D Magazine and photographer Jacob Sutton and made the movie: A-Z of Dance.
3. They went social & viral – They hash-tagged the launch out of it. As they should 😉 Just check: #joggjeans 🙂
4. They are interactive – Just land on Diesel.com and you can find your own tweet on their homepage.
5. It’s not an one time shot – They will be a follow-up movie with User Generated Content.
6. Last but not least – They speak the ‘language’ of their (new) target group.

VIDEO A-Z of Dance by Diesel & i-D Magazine

Conclusion: Two thumbs up for Diesel. I really got excited about the product, launch, video, execution and follow-up.

Diesel is back with a vengeance! Got your pair of Jogg Jeans via: diesel.com/joggjeans and upload your movie!

The Ace List: More Than A Book

12 09 2012

On May 11th, 2012 I already published a post about the launch of a new book we were working on at Ace Jewelers. I am proud to announce that we presented the physical book at the beginning of this month: “The Ace List – Volume I” with an unique ISBN number: 9789081922807.

This is the press release we sent out today:

Amsterdam, September 12th, 2012 – Amsterdam based Ace Jewelers Group has presented a completely new concept in customer information. It consists of an impressive book, The Ace List, plus a dedicated website, www.TheAceList.com. Together, both media represent a new standard in communication about watches and jewels. The coffee table book is offering a kaleidoscopic view on the world of watches, jewelry and luxury living; the website – among others – offers clients the possibility to create their own lists of favorites.

It’s not the first time Ace Jewelers Group introduces new ways of information and marketing. The company is a pioneer of cross-channel retailing and operates classic jewelry boutiques next to digital e-boutiques. Ace was the first jeweler being authorized by the best brands to sell products online. Ace combines an innovative spirit with a dedication to quality. For this reason the group co-operated with MotoMax Media (a pioneer of combining traditional printed media with a strong online presence) to create a stunning book and accompanying website. All content was created specifically for this project.

The Ace List (Volume 1) is a hard cover publication of 100 large size pages. It presents important watches and jewels in a selection of Top Five Lists, but adds playful articles about the five best vintage watches, Hollywood brands, milestones in watch history, places to long for, marriage proposals, honeymoon destinations, planes and more! This combination of product oriented and lifestyle based subjects turns The Ace List into a most inspiring read.

The Ace List (ISBN 9789081922807) is for sale for € 20,- (USD 25, GBP 15) via www.amazon.com, www.AceJewelers.com, www.bol.com, and www.0024.nl.

Speaking at Thuiswinkel Update 2012

23 08 2012

I have been asked to speak for the second time at the leading eCommerce event in The Netherlands: Thuiswinkel Update. This time I am one of the CEO’s participating as a panel member during the so-called: CEO Debat. The event will take place in DeFabrique in Utrecht (The Netherlands) on September 27th, 2012.

Please come and join the discussion on September 27th, 2012 in DeFabrique in Utrecht. Get your tickets via: http://www.thuiswinkelupdate.nl and join the buzz via: @T_W_update and #TWU12.

I hope to see you all there :)

World’s First Watch & Shoe Pop-Up Store

13 03 2011

As you know I love retail, I love watches and I love fashion. One of my favorite shoe manufacturers is the Italian firm: Santoni. This year IWC and Santoni teamed up and the new IWC Portofino watch collection will be supplied with handmade Santoni watch straps. Great synergy and two brands adding value.

Since 2003 Ace Jewelers has an annual IWC Novelty Show in one of ours stores. We are always the first retailer in The Netherlands to present the new IWC show collections, as soon as it has been released by the headquarters in Schaffhausen. So, this year  I came up with the idea  to do really something new and innovative. A new retail concept: we transformed our store, Ace & Dik Jewelers, in to the first watch & shoe pop-up store in the world. For two days Ace & Dik became: The IWC & Santoni Pop-Up Store. See the video for the result:

For pictures, please visit Ace Jewelers Facebook Fan Page: www.ace.am/facebook


30 06 2010

What? Streetverting?

Yes, another new buzz word, made up by two words: Street + Advertising… Yes, you guessed correctly: a new (guerrilla) marketing tactic to advertise on the street.

One of the marketing companies that helps me with the marketing strategy (offline & online) are Interactive Maven & Cool Media Collective. The CEO of both companies, Benjamin van Gelder, told me about eco-friendly (street) graffiti. He even took me from my office on the Van Baerlestraat 46 in Amsterdam around the corner to the PC Hooftstraat to see Streetvertising graffiti on the pavement:

Streetvertising by PA@Home in Amsterdam
Streetvertising by PA@Home in Amsterdam

Apparently the company PA@Home choose this low-budget, but high-impact guerrilla strategy to get their name out with the target group (high-net worth individuals that shop at the most luxurious street in The Netherlands. The advantage of eco-friendly graffiti streetvertising is that is doesn’t need to cost too much and catches ones eye. The down-side of it is, that it will fade away within couple of weeks and I can imagine many high-end brands will not want people to see a vague logo where people actually step on…

For possibilities to start such a campaign you can contact Cool Media Collective via: +31 20 5759109.